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Staadskanal Shipyards in Zaandam, Holland, built the Dutch schooner, Adelaar, in 1902. Originally a cargo ship, the Adelaar sailed between England, Sweden, Norway and Russia, propelled only by the wind blowing into heavy canvas sails. The ship’s log book, exhibited at the “Scheepsmuseum” in Groningen, Holland documents Adelaar’s early history. During World War II, She
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DIVING THE “RING OF FIRE” View SY ADELAAR Dive Liveaboard Bali Komodo Bali in a larger map Scuba diving the pristine waters in and around Bali and onward to Indonesia’s remote Komodo Archipelago onboard Adelaar is a once in a lifetime experience. We will guide you into an underwater world alive with vibrant colors and
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SAILING THE “RING OF FIRE” The warmth of the sun, the wind in your hair, a good book to read and a cool drink in your hand … Our sailing trip to the Islands east of Bali is filled with sunny days, warm breezes and starlit nights. East Nusa Tenggara with its tiny fishing villages
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Private Charter

Adelaar is the perfect choice for small group travel or private journeys for your family and friends. Our ten night cruise to Komodo is the ideal family get-away. In the hands of our capable crew, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the view as we sail eastwards from Bali. Our cruise director assures that
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