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Komodo Liveaboard Diving & Sailing Charters

Our “Komodo Liveaboard Diving Cruise” on the Adelaar has to be the finest way to travel to Komodo. Our signature round trip cruises depart every other Monday from Bali, and travel to Komodo with a return to Bali. We pride ourselves in being the experts of Komodo Liveaboard diving, as we have been sailing this unique maritime route for over two decades.

Adelaar under full sailYour adventure starts in Bali, a bustling hub of tourist activities. From Bali we sail away from the tourist radar, cross the Lombok straits and travel East, until all that is seen are the remote uninhabited islands of the Komodo Archipelago.

Divers from around the globe have been joining us on intimate journeys aboard the Adelaar, to sample world class diving in Bali, Moyo, Satonda, Sangeang and the famous Komodo National Park. Novice and seasoned divers, as well as snorkelers, are equally awed by the beauty and diversity of this area.

You’ll be urged by our expert guides to plunge into some of the richest and most diverse waters in South East Asia. Whether you are a muck diving enthusiast, or prefer large pelagic species, Adelaar’s Komodo Liveaboard diving cruise will make all efforts to exceed your expectations. However varied your dive experience, our full service dive center and team will be ready to meet your needs, to ensure your Komodo diving experience is personally tailored and one to remember.

Luxury Komodo Liveaboard

Komodo National ParkOur liveaboard comfortably accommodates up to eight guests, in 4 double staterooms that are exquisitely furnished. The rich teak interior, high ceilings, intricate Persian rugs and  marbled en suite bathrooms lend to the feeling of elegance. Be prepared to be thoroughly pampered on this Komodo Liveaboard vessel, as you surface from your day of diving, you’ll be treated in true Indonesian hospitality where guests are always guests. Sit back and relax, enjoy a delectable array of our on board cuisine, prepared fresh each day, by our Balinese cooks. Sunsets always seem to be special at sea. Whether it is relaxing from a full day of spectacular diving, and winding down with a cocktail or anxiously anticipating that special night dive, while listening to the distant sounds of waves crashing on remote islands. This has to be what ultimate bliss feels like…

Chartering a private Komodo Cruise with close friends & family

If you are a snorkeler or just interested in unique cultural excursions, then rest assured that Indonesia has an amazing array to offer in terms of culture and land excursions. The islands between Bali and Komodo are sprinkled with tribes and languages so diverse, that it is deemed a sociologist’s dream. Nothing quite compares to being on a ship, with all modern comforts, and sailing through the remote waters of Indonesia. Please contact us for special cruise charter schedules & rates.