Meet the Crew

The Liveaboard diving & sailing team

Adelaars’s crew of 10 experienced seamen, come from all parts of Indonesia. Our liveaboard diving & sailing team seem as if they were born to be at sea, and some of them have been loyal crew members since we arrived in Indonesia. They work tirelessly, many behind the scenes, to assure that our exclusive cruises run smoothly.

Always accommodating, they stand by, always willing to offer a hand where needed.

Foued, our PADI instructor, and cruise director looks after your safety and leads guests on the dives of their lives. He has lived in Indonesia since 2001, and has been diving Komodo since 2003. For the two years prior to joining Adelaar he was living in the Komodo area, so he knows all the best dive sites, plus a few more that seasonal liveaboards don’t know. Foued is an accomplished underwater photographer, always happy to give our guests tips to improve their underwater photography skills.

Captain Sam has been sailing the waters of his country for more than 30 years. The father of two has been offering his loyal services and extensive knowledge to SY ADELAAR since 1997. He was the most important man during our recent refit of the ship. Sam speaks fluent English, is always at the helm, and welcomes guests to the navigation room. With an excellent safety record, one can’t help but feel at ease with Sam in charge.

Chief engineer Wahyu is from Java; he is one of the youngest members of the crew. He is a pleasure to have onboard as he brings a youthful energy and kind smiles all around. He and his assistants ensure that all engines and generators run smoothly aboard the ADELAAR.

Wy, 2nd assistant to the captain, a father of three, is from Bali and the most senior officer aboard – he started on ADELAAR after we arrived in Indonesia in 1993. Wy is one of our dinghy drivers, assisting divers in and out of the dinghy, helping with gear and making sure we get safely to the dive sites and back.

Since 1994, Agung, the father of four is looking after the passengers aboard ADELAAR. His attention to detail and his ever-readiness to assist the guests, as well as his very discreet nature, make him the perfect steward. He has a wealth of knowledge about about Balinese local culture, religion and traditions and loves to tell our guests about Bali.

Frans, deckhand, a hard working father of two, also goes under the nickname ‘Human GPS’, because of his uncanny ability to never fail to drop divers at even the-hardest-to-find dive sites. Frans, who is from Java, has been working as a deckhand and dinghy driver on Adelaar since 2002.

Hendrik, deck hand, is from Java; he is our liaison officer to the Benoa harbour master and takes care of all the necessary paperwork that liveaboards in Indonesia need to operate and sail from island to island. Besides helping out on deck, Hendrick also works as one of the dinghy drivers. He has been working with ADELAAR since we arrived in Indonesia.

Wayan, the father of two, works as top chef and is one of the most important person on our liveaboard diving & sailing team. Since 2003, we have been happy to count on Wayan’s cooking skills. He spoils our divers with a variety of mouth watering dishes that are based on traditional Indonesian cuisine.

Made, from Bali, is our second chef and primarily responsible for the crew food. He is helping Wayan with the never ending chores in the galley. A father of two, Made always has a smile for everyone, and is willing to help wherever needed.

Liveaboard diving & sailing team – office & logistical support

The office support consists of an international reservation team to take care of the bookings and billing. On behalf of our entire Liveaboard diving & sailing team, we look forward to welcoming you on one of Adelaar’s many adventures through beautiful Indonesian waters.