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Fuel Your Dive Habit | Women’s Dive Day

Women’s Dive Day is coming, have you given it any thought?

Ladies, are you happy accounting for only 36% of divers?!? That’s right; when it comes to diving it’s still a man’s world! That 36% figure mentioned above… that’s only a PADI statistics; a study by Anysite for DEMA found that women account for only 35% of new open water certifications and just 23% of continuing education certs. Were you aware that so few women are joining our ranks? That so sad!

dive holiday statistics by gender, womens dive day, fuel your dive habit, women, adelaarFuel for Thought

Men are not only getting more certifications, those lucky Son of a Guns (said in jealousy but warmly guys) are going on more dive holidays to exotic destinations. This recent study for DEMA by AnySite Marketing Information Systems shows that 60% of all dive resort customers are men and 63% of all dive liveaboard clientele are also men. Ladies, I ask you, why should they have all the fun?!?

Fuel for HopePADI world wide certifications by gender, womens dive day, fuel your dive habit, adelaar, women

The good news is that according to PADI statistics the trend is slowly changing and more women are getting certified. Female certifications are up 7.16% since 2011. Sadly, the trend for men has gone in the other direction with a 3.62% reduction in male certifications over the same period. This could, in part, be attributed to PADI Women’s Dive Day. As a woman and a PADI Instructor, I am stoked women’s PADI certifications are up! Truthfully though, as a lover of the underwater world, I’d be happy to see more women and men enjoying our passion.

Fuel Your Dive Habit – Adelaar Cruises Wants to Help

In celebration of PADI Women’s Dive Day on July 15, 2017, Adelaar Cruises wants to fuel your dive habit. For our cruise beginning July 10th, the one that will include PADI Women’s Diving Day, all guests will receive free Nitrox, all ladies will have their fuel surcharge waived and be given a free Adelaar Cruises T-shirt to commemorate the trip.

Fuel the Fire

Call it a bet, call it a dare, call it what you will, but get your girlfriends, daughters, and granddaughters in the water. Start by giving them a snorkel course for Christmas or a skin diver course for their birthday. If you live near the water take them snorkeling and show them the fish; just get them in the water. Better yet, set up a Discover Scuba Experience for your best gal pal on Women’s Dive Day this July 15th and go with her just for fun. If the females in your life are up for it, encourage them to take a Discover Scuba Experience on your next family and friends tropical vacation.

manta, womens dive day, greg lecouer, komodo, adelaarAs we always say to our guests when showing them cool underwater creatures, “share the love.” Remember how excited you were when you first discovered the miracles of the underwater world. Make memories with your female friends and family and they’ll want to share in good times. Who knows, with a little encouragement maybe an overwhelming urge to get certified will hit them and the next thing you know you’ll be planning a dive holiday together!

Fuel the Local Dive Economy

In recent years dive course material has been translated into Indonesian, making it easier for locals to understand the courses and creating a new job market for dive professionals. Much like the rest of the world, the majority of local Indonesian dive industry professionals are men. Team Adelaar hopes to change that by having a career day for lady divers aboard the ADELAAR. We understand that women can play many roles in the dive industry and we want to pass these opportunities on and share our knowledge.

  • Owner/operator (resort, dive center, liveaboard, dive agency…etc)
  • Cruise Director
  • PADI Professional
  • Support Crew (tender drivers, room stewards…etc)
  • Reservations Staff (Agent & FIT communications)
  • Dive Marketing & Advertising
  • Dive Related Manufacturer (Dive T-shirts, jewelry, wetsuits…etc)
  • Dive Support Staff (licensing, medical plans for crew…etc)
  • Dive Holiday Logistics (meet & greet, transfers, pre/post hotel…etc)

We’d love to do this near PADI Women’s Dive Day, but since it’s peak season in Bali (and all the dive centers will be taking guests to dive with mantas and molas), we’ll have to do it at a later date. Once we get the date pinned down, we’ll coordinate with the local dive centers to get as many women involved as possible. If you have any suggestions for fields in the dive industry for woman divers, please share your thoughts.

Fuel Your Local Dive Economy

Padi womens dive day Get started, Adellar, Fuel Your dive habit, komodoFor more information about a PADI Women’s Dive Day event near you or ideas for your own event click here.

Come join us on Adelaar this July 10th and make PADI Women’s Dive Day 2017 one you’ll never forget.