Guest Post by Karim Iliya: a Photographer’s Perspective of Komodo

Since I was small, before I even became a photographer, I always wanted to see how currents move. There are brief moments when we can see smoke in a beam of light, or ink moving through water, but getting a clear image of how currents moved remained locked in my imagination, until one unexpected day in Komodo National Park, Indonesia. […]

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Whale Sharks in Komodo

Komodo is known for being a vastly diverse dive mecca but Whale Sharks are not a common sight here in the National Park. In the almost two years that I have spent diving in Komodo, I have only had the fortune to see one of those huge and gentle creatures twice while diving. In 2013 we had a juvenile Whale […]

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Bali Komodo Liveaboard Report | Nov

Bali to Komodo Liveaboard Report by: Jessica
Guests: Bernd & Astrid, Thomas & Corina, Urs & Brigitta and Peter & Claudia

Day 1: Departing Serangan Harbor, Bali
Eight guests came on board the Adelaar on this sunny Monday morning as we departed the harbor to start our exciting journey east. On the first day, most guests could be seen on our comfortable main deck with a good book, or enjoying the view along the Bali coast and past the Gilis, before the sun set over Mt Agung and we settled in for our first night aboard our magnificent schooner.

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