Spotlight on Exclusive Luxury Liveaboard Sailing Komodo

Prior to becoming a writer, Joseph Conrad was in the British Merchant Marine where he became enamored with Indonesia. Although the vessel he sailed on was not an exclusive luxury liveaboard, like Adelaar; he was still able to get around the Indonesian archipelago and see quite a bit of the culture and way of life. After he left the sea Conrad carried on his fascination with Indonesia by writing about it.  Set in Indonesia, (Almayer’s Folly 1895 and An Outcast of the Islands 1886) were Conrad’s first novels. Komodo was referred to as ‘one of the blank spaces of the world’ back then, or so it was rumored. Nautical charts simply bore the warning ‘Here Be Dragons’. Today, warning aside, tourists flock to see the mythical Komodo dragons. Divers and snorkelers also enjoy the amazing waters around Komodo National Park. Would Joseph Conrad be surprised to learn Komodo, has been named one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World? We don’t think so.

It is no wonder journalists and photographers are still clamoring to get to Komodo National Park. These mythical lands, creatures and amazing underwater habitats are inspiring.

Colours Magazine Features an Exclusive on ADELAAR

Garuda Airlines, Colour Magazine, Adelaar, David Burden komodo articleRecent travellers aboard Indonesia’s national airline, Garuda Indonesia, may have noticed SY Adelaar was featured in their in flight magazine this August. David Burden, a writer for Garuda’s award winning Colours magazine, has been working on a series of articles for the airline. The Archipelago Journal features highlights throughout Indonesia. David contacted Adelaar Cruises and outlined his article and his idea sounded unique. What better way to follow in Conrad’s footsteps than aboard a historical Dutch schooner. An completely refitted exclusive luxury liveaboard that was in use as a cargo vessel during Conrad’s time.

If you were not aboard Garuda Indonesia this month or were flying Lion Air or one of the other domestic carriers, you can still see David’s article about SY Adelaar and Komodo here.

FINE Magazine Features an Exclusive on ADELAAR

Fine Magazine, Adelaar Article, Lauren Warnell, Exclusive Liveaboard, Luxury Liveaboard, Komodo Liveaboard, Indonesian LiveaboardDiscerning FINE magazine readers looking for the most exclusive places and latest trends were treated to a feature article showcasing our exclusive luxury liveaboard and a glimpse of Komodo National Park. Writer Lauren Warnell recently came aboard looking for a liveaboard that would dazzle FINE magazine readers interested in adventure travel in Komodo and the surrounding seas. During her trip, Adelaar Cruises had a personal chef aboard. Melati added a few new recipes using locally grown vegetables and fresh ingredients. She also taught innovative ways to work with local items to improve presentation. Chef Wayan is always striving to improve our guest’s culinary experience. He’s eager to learn new and exciting ways to add a little something extra special.

Komodo was the featured destination in these articles, and it’s an amazing place. In 2018 we will offer more destination cruises. Due to client demand, Adelaar Cruises has added three new itineraries! Check out our new In-depth Southern Komodo itinerary or take a look at Adelaar’s Cruise schedule for availability and destination information.

Adelaar is the only exclusive liveaboard offering roundtrip Bali to Komodo itineraries.  In a recent article 5 Things Every Diver Deserves, we’ve explained a little bit about why Adelaar may just be the perfect ship for you holiday.

Feature photo by Lauren Warnell