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Private Family Adventure Cruises Custom Designed for You

Your sense of adventure and love of seeing new cultures doesn’t disappear just because you have kids, so why should your family holidays be limited? In fact, why not consider a family adventure cruise?

Whether you are traveling with friends and family or are a multi-generational group, imagine a family adventure cruise sailing in an exotic locale, aboard a historical, beautifully refurbished liveaboard. You will enjoy the amenities of Adelaar while cruising the beautiful waters of central Indonesia, stopping along the way to swim, snorkel, or dive. There are also opportunities for land excursions amongst the locals to learn their culture first hand and see some of the beauty of the archipelago that isn’t visible from the ship. What better ways for your kids to learn about the world and create memories for everyone to share long after the kids are grown!

The Ship

Adelaar family cruises, family vacations, family holiday, family adventure cruise, multi-generational cruise, komodo, alor, suva, suba, rote, kids, grandparents, family friendsOur exclusive private charters cruise Indonesia’s diverse archipelago, which, with over 17,000 islands, has plenty of places to explore. Originally built in Holland in 1902, the ADELAAR has a long history of plying Indonesia’s bountiful seas. The winner of a Tall Ship race in New Zealand in 1988, this one-time cargo ship is now a beautifully restored luxury schooner. We spared no expense during the refit so you can rest assured that, you’ll find all the modern amenities and safety equipment aboard to ensure that your family is safe and secure. Measuring 125′ in length, ADELAAR is large enough to easily accommodate a group of nine, yet cozy enough to allow you to interact and enjoy family time.

Family Adventure Cruise Activities

Adelaar Cruises will custom design an itinerary to suit your family’s desires. After your arrival our cruise director and guide will arrange activities based on you and your family’s preferences.

  • Snorkel / Dive with Manta rays on some of the best reefs in the world
  • Spot the Komodo dragons in the wild
  • Visit local villages and schools
  • Picnic on deserted palm fringed white sand beaches
  • Relax in a cool pool at the base of a waterfall (for the more adventurous, swing from the top)
  • Enjoy Nature Hikes
  • Do donuts while tubing behind the tender
  • Trek to the top of a volcano
  • Join the ships crew and help raise the sails (Aye matey!)
  • Entertain yourself with 100’s of on demand movies and music in surround sound
  • Tour during festival season to a centuries old harvest festival, such as the Pasola
Liveaboard Life Style

One of the beauties of the liveaboard experience is that the price includes everything except alcohol, park fees, fuel and dive gear rental. Enjoy meals, activities, movies, tours, snorkeling, and diving without any surprises on your families bill at the end of the cruise. If you’d like to travel all-inclusive and include your dive gear and liquor, that can be arranged too.

Savor world-class cuisine served on your schedule, five times a day. Begin your morning with freshly baked croissants, local fruits and a cappuccino served topside or sleep in and come up for a late full breakfast. Our family style lunch, served alfresco, is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the view. After your day’s adventure, our chefs will prepare a sumptuous 3-course meal (kids menu available) for your dining pleasure.

Adelaar Family cabin, komodo, alor, suva, suba, rote, bali, entertainment system, adventure cruise accomodationsWhether you have a young one who wants to sleep in your cabin or childhood friends looking for a “sleepover,” ADELAAR’s large cabins and bedding configurations allow for a multitude of sleeping arrangements. The en-suite, state of the art, entertainment system allows for on-demand movies and music, to entertain the kids during their sleepover.

“It takes a village to raise a child” is the way of life in Indonesia; children are revered. Large families are the norm and while on board, you become the crew’s extended family. You’ll see pure joy on their faces when they share a moment teaching guests, especially children, their culture. Whether it’s a local song, an instrument, or simply saying selamat pagi (good morning) they are happy to share their world with you.


Having sailed Indonesia’s waters since 1994, we can create custom bespoke family cruises for many areas around the archipelago.

Adelaar Cruises specializes in adventures from Bali to Komodo, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. This once in a lifetime cruise takes you to see world-class reefs; whether snorkeling or diving, you’ll be amazed at the marine biodiversity. Along the way, we’ll visit a local village and take a short hike to the waterfall, make a wish at the wish tree next to the lake inside a volcano and see if you can spot the Komodo dragon sunning himself in the brush.

Photo by Laura Leersnyder, alor ikats, ladies of alor, colorful sarongs, colorful ikatsThe ADELAAR also cruises to far-flung exotic islands such Sumba; famous for its hand woven ikats and hilltop villages with thatched clan houses clustered around megalithic tombs. During this itinerary, we’ll stop in at rarely visited Savu; where explorer James Cook compared their megaliths to Stonehenge and took them to be monuments erected by previous rulers. Later scientist found these monuments to be sacrificial stones. Little Rote has hidden white-sand beaches, aquamarine lagoons, and seldom-surfed waves.

Alor is an area of culture, tradition, and colorful hand woven ikats. Once headhunters, the Abui tribe’s fierce warrior dance, performed as you enter the village, remains unnerving to this day. The underwater beauty of Anemone City is a truly amazing experience. And the local kids from the island of Pura will delight you with their childish underwater antics.

Although one country, Indonesian island nation’s culture, dress, and traditions vary greatly. Whichever part of the archipelago you wish to explore ADELAAR can take you there.