General Information

Valuable hints for your journey and luxury cruise

Following, please find a few valuable hints for your journey and luxury cruise in Indonesia. This information is compiled to the best of our knowledge and up-dated frequently so that you have the most recent information.

Flight arrival and departure times

Regular Komodo cruises depart at 8:30AM on the published departure day from Serangan Harbor, Bali. You should arrive in Bali at least one day before your trip starts. Your return  to Bali is planned between 9:00AM and noon on the published arrival day, but cannot be  guaranteed due to weather and sea conditions. Any onward travel on the day you disembark ADELAAR, should be scheduled after 4:00PM.

One-way Komodo trips starting or ending in Labuan Bajo, Flores, require a domestic flight. Boarding ADELAAR in Labuan Bajo will be at 11:00AM on the published departure day, so your flight should arrive early. Disembarking Adelaar in Labuan Bajo will be at 8:00AM on the  published arrival day. Please allow for the recommended “24 hour no fly” when booking your flight out of Labuhan Bajo.

Alor cruises also require a domestic flight to and from Maumere, Flores. Boarding  ADELAAR in Maumere is from 11:00AM till noon on the departure day, so please book a flight that arrives early in Maumere that day. Disembarking ADELAAR in Maumere will be at 9:00AM on the published arrival day. Please allow for the recommended “24 hour no fly” when booking your flight out of Maumere.

Recommended Items to Bring Along

  • Soft duffle bag type luggage that can be folded for storage
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat for sun protection (aloe for sunburn)
  • Swimsuits, T-shirts & shorts (quick drying outdoor clothing is ideal)
  • Light-weight long pants, shirt with sleeves for going ashore
  • Shoes that can get wet for beach landings
  • Insect repellent for going ashore
  • Camera and extra batteries (waterproof bags for protection from salt water)
  • Medical prescriptions
  • Personal snorkel gear (to assure a perfect fit)


  • We have an assortment of snorkel gear, but we recommend that you bring your own gear to assure a perfect fit.
  • Audio and video on demand is streamed into each stateroom as well as the dining room. Movies can be viewed in the dining room and in all of the staterooms.
  • There is an extensive underwater and wildlife reference library in the main salon as well as in each stateroom.
  • Deck and cabin towels are provided for each guest. The deck towels are color coded with ribbons so that you can identify yours. These are washed frequently.
  • Laundry service is available at nominal charge.
  • A selection of water toys is available onboard (kayak, SUP, etc).

Our Diving Guests should bring

  • Dive certification & logbook
  • Recent medical statement assuring that you are fit for diving (within one year) if you have a medical condition
  • Complete set of dive gear (BCD, regulator, wetsuit, hood, mask & fins)
  • Diving computer (with a recent battery check)
  • DIN connecting piece for INT valves if necessary (these are available onboard)
  • For drift or current dives bring a signal buoy, signal whistle or dive alert  (safety sausages and Nautilus Lifelines are provided for each guest free of charge)
  • Dive light for night dives (we have Hartenbergers for rental use onboard)
  • Spare parts for your personal diving gear

Diving Safety Rules

  • S.A.F.E. Diving (Slowly Ascend from Every Dive)
  • All divers must have DAN membership insurance or similar insurance that covers evacuation. This is essential due to the remote area of our cruising route.
  • More information on our dive safety page.

Water Temperature, Visibility & Currents

Water temperatures can change from tropical warm 84°F / 29°C to a cool 74°F / 21°C. A 5 mm neoprene wet-suit or a 3 mm neoprene wet-suit plus a hooded vest are recommended. Visibility can vary greatly, with the best visibility in the North during dry season, often more than 90 feet / 30 meters; and the best visibility in the South is during wet season. Komodo and Alor are well-known for strong currents and our itineraries are planned taking currents and tides into consideration.


In Eastern indonesia, the dry season is from April to November, with the rainy season starting around the end of December, and lasting until the end of March. However, rainfall in Komodo and Alor, is less than in other regions of Indonesia. The driest months are April through September, and the sea is normally calm during this period.

Komodo National Park

The Komodo National Park offers some of the best diving in the world, and is a “World Heritage Site”. There will be a fee to enter the park, and each person is responsible for paying this onboard when we enter the park area. The fee is charged per person, and includes entrance to Satonda Island Reserve and Moyo Village donation. The fee can be found on our rate page (click here) and could increase at any time without notice. We try our best to keep up with the latest fee structure so that you are informed before your trip (most recent fee increase was November 2018).

Cuisine onboard

Our chefs prepare all meals on-board, using the freshest of ingredients. The cuisine is a mix of traditional Indonesian dishes and Western favorites. We try our best to accommodate dietary restrictions, however, you need to let us know this in advance as we shop for provisions in Bali.

We stock the bar with a selection of local Bintang beer and imported liquors and wines for purchase. Coffee, tea, drinking water and soft drinks and juices are available free of charge at any time of the day in the dining room.

Electricity & Mobile Network

Electrical power is supplied at European 230 Volt / 50 Hz. Our outlets accept round two pin plugs. You can charge your dive lights, cameras and batteries in your stateroom, or at the desks in the corridor. We have plug adapters available on-board. The boat is equipped with LTE internet connection, which can be reached via our local ship network via WLAN or LAN, the WLAN is password protected. LTE is dependent on signal from shore towers and is available for most days except when we are in the extreme southern areas of Komodo & Rinca.

Trip – Baggage & Health Insurance

All are optional but we highly recommend that you purchase. There are many companies out there, all offering an assortment of services.


Please, check with your local health department for a listing of immunizations recommended for travel to Indonesia. Also, check for the latest recommendations regarding Malaria prophylaxis for this area.

Passport / Visa / Departure tax

To enter Indonesia, your passport must be valid for more than 6 months. Members of 45 countries, can obtain a free 30 day “Visa on Arrival” (VOA) at the airport. If you plan to stay longer, you can purchase an extendible VOA for $35, which can give you an additional 30 days to stay. Please note, that this is not an automatic extension. To extend you must visit the immigration office within 2 weeks of arrival to request an extension. There is a fee to extend. Check with your local Indonesian Embassy, to see if you are eligible for Visa on Arrival.

Harbor Clearance

For the Indonesian harbor clearances, we need to have a copy of your passport prior to your arrival in Bali.

Money Issues

Local currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), which can be purchased from your hotel or any bank in Bali. Major credit cards are widely accepted in Bali. VISA and MasterCard are accepted on ADELAAR. If you are bringing US dollars to exchange, the bills must be new, and the best rates are for $50 & $100 notes.

There are ATMs in Bali, Labuan Bajo and Maumere, where you can withdraw cash in local currency with your credit card and PIN. Be aware that you have to have local currency for purchases in any of the islands east of Bali. Please be very careful when using a debit card in one of the ATM machines. Unfortunately, there is and increase in the use of card skimmers in Bali. Nothing is more shocking than unauthorized transactions upon your return home from holiday. We would recommend using the ATMs inside a bank.

US dollar cash for exchange must be bills (2001 and above) in immaculate condition with no rips or marks of any kind on the bill. No one in Bali will take bills beginning with the serial number ‘A’ through ‘F’, or any bill dated 2000 or below. They do not seem to be so strict for Euro or Swiss Franc notes. If you do use a money-changer, bring your own calculator and count your money carefully. For the current exchange rate, please consult a currency converter such as:

Bar & Park Fees & incidentals

On board Adelaar, you can pay your incidentals in cash or by credit card. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Crew Tipping

It is customary to give the crew a gratuity at the end of the trip, however, the amount is entirely up to the individual guest. If you are happy with the service of our crew during your trip, a recommended guideline would be 10-15%. This is divided between the 10 crew members and dive masters equally.

Domestic Flights

If your cruise requires a domestic flight or if your group chooses to board the ADELAAR in a different port other than Serangan Harbor in Bali, you will need to fly with one of the small commuter flights to your boarding destination. For these flights, baggage allowance is 10 – 20 kg per person depending on the airline. However, there are inexpensive overweight luggage fees that you can pay at the counter. This information is correct today, but we cannot be guarantee that it is correct tomorrow. The rules can change at any time without advance notice.

Emergency Contact numbers

Should you wish to leave emergency contact numbers for your family members, you may give them the phone number for the ship +62 81 1386 2624. Our onboard ship’s phone works in most areas of the sailing route except the extreme southern end of the Park. When we are sailing in these remote areas we can be reached by Satellite phone: +88 216 76 029364 (fees apply for calling or receiving).