Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – Liveaboard Luxury Cruises

The following question and answer section shall help you in preparation for your up-coming liveaboard luxury cruise on board ADELAAR.

Q : What airlines fly into Bali international Airport?

Bali’s international airport is Denpasar (code DPS) with many international carriers. From the US, Singapore Airlines flies via the West Coast out of San Francisco or Los Angeles with a stop in Singapore, and via the East Coast out of New York via Frankfurt with a stop in Singapore. They also fly out of Houston via Moscow. Other airlines flying this route are China Air, Malaysian Air, and Qatar Air. You could begin your research on a comparison site like for example: EXPEDIA

Q : How do I get from the airport to the hotel?

Bali International Airport has a taxi counter located just outside the arrival hall. The rates are fixed and you prepay to the counter. Your taxi driver will accompany you from the counter to his taxi in the parking lot. We can arrange a private car and driver if you would like to be met at the airport and taken to your hotel.

Q : How do I get to the ADELAAR on the morning that my trip is boarding?

You can organize a transfer with the concierge at your hotel or if you prefer, we can arrange a private car and driver to meet you at the hotel and transfer you to the harbor.

Q : Will someone from the ADELAAR staff contact me when I arrive in Bali

Yes, our marketing manager, or someone else of our support staff who speaks fluent English and French, will contact you at your hotel to confirm last minute details. Upon booking your trip, please provide us with your flight details as well as the name of the hotel you will be staying in Bali. You may call +62 81 2387 4313 prior to departure from your home country or once in Bali. Please, also send us your contact phone number by email. Our German only speaking guests may contact our German office.

Q : Why are you departing from Bali and not from Labuan Bajo or Bima?

By departing from Bali, you can avoid traveling on the local inter-island flights. These flights are often delayed or even cancelled without notice. Luggage can be pulled off to make room for cargo at the last minute. Sailing from Bali, and returning to Bali, avoids such complications associated with these flights.

Q: Are ADELAAR trips suitable for families with children?

Yes, of course! Children love the ADELAAR and all the excitement of sailing, snorkeling and visiting villages, and of course those Komodo Dragons are always an eye opener. We have accommodated many families with children, and all have said it was the perfect family vacation!

Q: I am a vegetarian/vegan, will this be any problem onboard ADELAAR?

Our cooks are more than happy to accommodate your wishes for special foods. However, we need to know this in advance as all food shopping is done in Bali prior to the trip.

Q: We are a group of friends and want to charter the whole boat, is this possible?

Adelaar dinghy

Of course this is possible, please contact us for options. Having the whole boat for a group of friends is ideal!

Q: I am a new diver and have heard that the dive sites in the Komodo National Park are for experienced divers only. Will I be able to manage the dives?

The beauty of the Komodo area is that there are many dive spots with different difficulty levels – from beginner to very advanced. Thanks to the flexibility of having two tenders, our dive master will customize each itinerary and dive based on the experience level of the divers. As a beginner, you will still be able to see remarkable underwater sites in the Komodo National Park. Private dive guides are available for hire with prior notice, and may be required for safety reasons in some cases.

Q: Does ADELAAR also sail to other areas in Indonesia, or do you always go to Komodo?

While most of our trips are for diving or sailing in the Komodo Archipelago, we have added Alor to our destinations and are, of course, also available for charters to Sumba and Savu as well as to south Sulawesi, or even Raja Ampat.

Q: Is mobile connection available onboard ADELAAR during cruises?

The mobile connection via Wi-Fi onboard is free of charge for our guests to use and available in most areas during our trips. We please ask our guests to avoid downloading or uploading big files or streaming videos. Our cruise director can inform you of the days without mobile network coverage if you need to send an important email.

Q: How do divers get back onto the tender after the dives?

Both tenders of ADELAAR are equipped with a sturdy ladder. Once divers have carefully passed their gear to our dinghy crew piece by piece, they can easily climb the ladder. Our crew will always be happy to land a helpful hand if necessary.