Our Travel Style – Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism, what does it mean?

The reason we ventured into small ship cruising was to find a light-footed way to enter the heart of remote Indonesia and experience its diverse culture. We aim to transfer our respect and hope for our adopted land to guests on board. We share unique cruising experiences with our guests while maintaining the integrity, and an attitude of respect to the Indonesian way of life through responsible tourism practices. Read more about responsible tourism at the webpage of “The International Centre for Responsible Tourism” responsibletourismpartnership.org.

Whenever possible, we aim to provide local rural communities with a way to earn a living through sustainable practices. We pride ourselves in being the observers of local customs, promote cross-culture sharing and contribute to increasing sustainable development in rural Indonesia through supporting local trade whenever possible.

Do you have something to, or would you like to give feedback on our approach? Do you have suggestions on improving our methods or would you like to find ways to incorporate responsible tourism into your holidays? If so, we would love to hear from you at info@adelaar-cruises.com.