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Media Reports ADELAAR – Liveaboard Diving, Sailing, Private Cruises

Adelaar under full sail

ADELAAR has been featured in a documentary aired by National German TV (ZDF). Later, a BBC project, headed by Zebra Films of London, featured ADELAAR in the Komodo National Park in Indonesia. Over the last two decades, ADELAAR was also featured in several newspaper-and magazine articles, as well as in travel catalogues of well known adventure travel agencies. The “Media Reports ADELAAR” – site will be up-dated every six months.

Here following, please find a list of links which will connect you to the respective media report. Please click on the link and enjoy!

We are also very proud of the fact that some very prominent people (politicians, actors, artists and CEO’s of major companies) have chosen our liveaboard vessel for their “private charter“. You will certainly understand that we will not compromise the privacy of these valued guests by using their names for promotional purposes or presenting any paparazzi like photographs on our web-site.

Media Reports ADELAAR