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Sangeang Island – Diving Between Bali and Komodo | Part III

Located outside Komodo National Park, this volcanic island is a must do on any dive liveaboard traveling from Bali or Bima. Although volcanic, with black sand, Sangeang isn’t normally considered a traditional “muck” area. Fantastic muck diving is available, but Sangeang is so much more! The most diverse of the sites there, and the one at the top of my […]

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Gili Banta – Diving Between Bali and Komodo | Part II

Imagine yourself diving inside the caldera of a volcano without ever having to climb above sea level to get there. Gili Banta (Banta island) is an ancient, uninhabited, partially submerged volcano off the Northwest coast of Sumbawa. Very little is known about this island, no villagers live there but for liveaboards diving between Bali and Komodo National Park it’s a […]

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Satonda – Diving Between Bali and Komodo | Part I

One of the things that can make any holiday special is seeing something new, something you’ve never seen before. Remember the first time you saw the sun set over the ocean, were you dazzled by the changing colors of the sky as you watched a huge orange flaming ball drop into the sea? Maybe you were amazed when you saw […]

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