Guest Post by Karim Iliya: a Photographer’s Perspective of Komodo

Since I was small, before I even became a photographer, I always wanted to see how currents move. There are brief moments when we can see smoke in a beam of light, or ink moving through water, but getting a clear image of how currents moved remained locked in my imagination, until one unexpected day in Komodo National Park, Indonesia. […]

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Satonda, Indonesia, volcanic lake, adelaar, diving satonda

Satonda – Diving Between Bali and Komodo | Part I

One of the things that can make any holiday special is seeing something new, something you’ve never seen before. Remember the first time you saw the sun set over the ocean, were you dazzled by the changing colors of the sky as you watched a huge orange flaming ball drop into the sea? Maybe you were amazed when you saw […]

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