Guest Post by Karim Iliya: a Photographer’s Perspective of Komodo

Since I was small, before I even became a photographer, I always wanted to see how currents move. There are brief moments when we can see smoke in a beam of light, or ink moving through water, but getting a clear image of how currents moved remained locked in my imagination, until one unexpected day in Komodo National Park, Indonesia. […]

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Holy Grail, Critters for Scuba Divers. Indonesia, Komodo, Adelaar

Holy Grail – 6 Must See Critters for Scuba Divers in Indonesia

Think of what Mt. Everest is to mountain climbers, that is what Indonesia is to reef and critter diving. Most divers in the know already realize that Indonesia sits in the heart of the coral triangle and that is has the largest fish and coral biodiversity in the world; but let’s take a closer look at a lineup of critters […]

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