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Luxury Komodo Liveaboard | The SY Adelaar

The ship on full sails

Our beautiful Dutch schooner, the Adelaar, has sailed since 1993 in the Indonesian archipelago. For more than 20 years, the ship and its crew have made the dream of all divers and marine enthusiasts come true with success thanks to our exclusive itineraries. Whether on land or underwater, each cruise excursion is unique and memorable!

Birth of a unique Liveaboard

The beautiful luxury komodo liveaboard charter vessel, Adelaar, has a deeply rooted maritime history.

1902 ..

Staadskanal Shipyards” from Zaandam, Holland, built the schooner in 1902. Originally a cargo ship, the ADELAAR sailed between England, Sweden, Norway and Russia, propelled only by the wind blowing into heavy canvas sails. The ship’s log book, documenting ADELAAR’s early history is exhibited at the “Scheepsmuseum” in Groningen, Holland.

Liveaboard diving, sailing & private charter - Indonesia

During World War II, She was confiscated by the Germans and used to transport war goods. The once proud and peaceful sailing ADELAAR was renamed “Heimatland”. After the war, the German Captain Thimian sailed her along the Baltic Sea, as a cargo vessel once again. The masts were removed, and her first diesel engine was installed in 1954.

1979 …

Liveaboard diving, sailing & private charter - Indonesia

No longer in service, ADELAAR was docked in a little harbor at the Baltic Sea between former East Germany and Poland. Two friends, one from the West one from the East attempted to buy the ship’s two large anchors from the old Captain Thimian, but instead they walked away with the entire 39 meter ship! She was taken along the rivers and canals to former East Berlin.

Liveaboard diving, sailing & private charter - Indonesia

In 1981, the owners managed “mysteriously” to sail the “Heimatland” out of East Berlin into the western world. Now “free”, they began extensive restoration of the vessel, unknowingly at the very same shipyard in Holland, where the ship was originally built. By chance, an old man recognized the “Heimatland” as the vessel Adelaar that his father had built 80 years ago.

His original pictures were used to restore the ship to Her former grandeur. During the four-year restoration, the vessel received a new yacht-like interior, a 40-ton steel-concrete keel and a traditional schooner rig. Fitted to sail around the world and named Adelaar again, She was granted Royal Dutch Ship Certification.

1984 …

Liveaboard diving, sailing & private charter - Indonesia

The Adelaar sailed the Mediterranean from 1984 until 1987, then crossed the Atlantic Ocean to sail the Caribbean. In 1988, She crossed the Pacific Ocean and sailed to New Zealand, where she won the New Zealand Tall Ship Race.

From 1991 until 1992, the Adelaar underwent a complete renovation and a full service dive center was added. She continued her voyage around the world leaving New Zealand in 1993 and sailing to Indonesia with ports of call at Norfolk Island, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

1994 …

From 1994 till present day, ADELAAR sails the rich waters of the largest Archipelago in the world. All these years, together with her loyal crew of seasoned seaman, ADELAAR continues to deliver unforgettable diving and sailing holidays as the industry’s leading Luxury Komodo Liveaboard


How did we end up as a Luxury Komodo Liveaboard you ask? Well, this started in 2008 when we had a dream to give Adelaar a more exquisite look, and to bring her up to modern day standards. A 6 month project lasted until 2011, but the results are stunning. The Adelaar is now a showcase classical yacht with impeccable standards. Sailing the waters between Bali and Komodo year round, Adelaar caters to today’s discerning traveler, who expects the best in small group luxury sailing and diving.