Meet the Crew

The Liveaboard diving & sailing team

Since smiling seems to be the Indonesian national pastime, you can be sure of smiles all around on Adelaar. The crew consists of 11 Indonesian seamen, a Western Cruise Manager / PADI Dive Instructor, and a Divemaster. Our liveaboard diving & sailing team seem as if they were born to be at sea, and some of them have been loyal crew members since we arrived in Indonesia in 1993. They work tirelessly, many behind the scenes, to assure that our exclusive cruises run smoothly. Also, they are great fellow cruising companions, and welcome you up to the crew area at any time, for a chat or a game of chess.

Cruise Manager: Tino is from France, and has lived in Indonesia since 2016. He is a PADI instructor, and has been diving Komodo for a long time. For the two years prior to joining Adelaar, he was living in the Komodo area, so he knows all the best dive sites, plus a few more that seasonal liveaboards don’t know. As our cruise manager since October 2018, he looks after your safety, coordinates and leads all the dives on the trip.

Captain: Sam is from Java, and a father of two. He has been sailing the waters of his country for more than 30 years. For twenty of those years, he has been offering his loyal services and extensive knowledge to ADELAAR! He was the most important man during our extensive refit of the ship. Sam speaks fluent English, is always at the helm, and welcomes guests to the bridge. With an excellent safety record, one can’t help but feel at ease with Sam in charge.

Engineer: Totok is from Java, father of one daughter, and joined our team in December 2016. He is a skilled ship engineer and together with his team of engineers, he keeps things in the engine room in tip top shape. His often helps out in the dinghy, waiting for you above with a smile, when you return from diving.

First Officer: Wy, is from Bali and a father of three. He is the most senior officer aboard. He started on ADELAAR as a deckhand when we arrived in Indonesia in 1993. Attending school during his tenure with us, he worked his way up to First Officer. Wy is also one of our most experienced dinghy drivers, assisting divers in and out of the dinghy, helping with gear and making sure we get safely to the dive sites and back.

Steward: Agus is from Bali, and has recently joined our team. He is one of the first crew members you will meet as he shows you to your room, with an individual in-room briefing. You will see him often as he serves all the meals, gets cold drinks, and cleans your staterooms. All done with his big charismatic smile! He is always ready to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Deckhand: Frans is from Java, father of two, and has been with the Adelaar team since 2002. He is a very hard working and skilled deckhand and our most experienced dinghy driver. Years also, he was given the nickname ‘human GPS’, because of his uncanny ability to drop divers at the exact and correct drop point every time, even on the-hardest-to-find dive sites.

Second Officer: Faro joined us last year as an assistant of sorts to Captain Sam. You will find him in the navigation area taking his turn at the wheel, as well as in the dinghy helping the dive operations. Always with a smile and ready to assist where needed.

Engineer: Damian is from Flores, father of a new baby, and only recently joined our team. He is an experienced engineer with more than 10 years at the sea, and 5 of those years have been on liveaboards. When time away from his duties in the engine room permit, he helps out on deck or in the dinghy.

Engineer: Sutiyono is from Java, and joined our team in September 2018, so he is one of our freshmans! Always willing to help his fellow seamen, he shows great team spirit. He assures that all things are running smoothly below decks, and is responsible for preparing the dive tanks.

Chef: Wayan is father of two and has been with the Adelaar team since 2003. He trained with a Belgium chef, and spoils our guests with a variety of mouth watering dishes that are based on traditional Indonesian cuisine, but with a western flair. His afternoon snacks are a welcome treat, and his desserts are sublime!  

Chef: Made is from Bali, a father of three, and has been with the Adelaar team since June 2013. You will always find him in the galley prepping for the next meal. Made is our Indonesian cuisine expert, and his authentic homemade sambals add a bit of spice to every meal. Add carefully, as they can sometime bring a tear to the eye. Keep a watch for those intricate food carvings on the snack trays, all hand carved by Made!

Liveaboard – Office & Logistical support

The office support consists of an international, multilingual team who takes care of the all things necessary for operations.

Lina – Bookkeeping and Human Resources

Lina is from Jawa, and joined our team in March of 2019 as our Indonesian ‘sunshine’.  She takes care of bookkeeping and accounting as well as human resources. She is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Mathilde – Marketing Manager

Mathilde is from France, and joined our team in February 2019. With her strong marketing background, she puts all efforts toward ensuring we have the most up to date material to keep our presence in the Indonesian Archipelago well known. Fluent in English, French and Bahasa Indonesia, she is ready and available to answer any request or question about our exclusive liveaboard trips.

Elena – Operations Manager

Elena is from Italy, and joined our team in February 2019 to take care of operations. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge from her 6 years experience working in the diving and liveboard industry in Indonesia. She has fully embraced Indonesia as her home, and is the perfect person to take on this huge responsibility. She oversees everything in all departments, making sure all is in order, to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes. She is fluent in Italian, English and Bahasa Indonesia.