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Fuel Your Dive Habit | Women’s Dive Day

Women’s Dive Day is coming, have you given it any thought? Ladies, are you happy accounting for only 36% of divers?!? That’s right; when it comes to diving it’s still a man’s world! That 36% figure mentioned above… that’s only a PADI statistics; a study by Anysite for DEMA found that women account for only 35% of new open water […]

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Komodo Snorkeling and Expedition Cruise

Whoever said you do not see as much snorkeling as you do diving obviously has not snorkeled in Komodo. Komodo is repeatedly voted one of the top #5 places to snorkel in the world. If you’ve thought about snorkeling Komodo, now is the time. Adelaar Cruises has planned a special snorkeling cruise and we have some last minute availability. This […]

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New Southern Komodo In-Depth Dive Itinerary

Which best describes your dive style? A – I like to take my time and really get to know a dive site and the area. B – That was amazing, o.k. where to next? There are so many places to dive, neither one is wrong. We understand there is a lot out there. In fact, our regular Komodo itinerary might […]

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5 Things Every Diver Deserves

Not all liveaboards operating in and around Komodo National Park are created equal and as the market continues to expand the difference in the experience of the operators and the level of service becomes more apparent. Indonesia offers everything from backpacker to luxury liveaboards with capacities anywhere from five to twenty guests. Most are traditional wooden Phinisis but a growing […]

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More Reasons to Stopover in Bali During Your Indonesian Dive Holiday? | Part II

Need more reasons to add a Bali stopover during your Indonesian dive holiday? If part one didn’t stimulate your sense of adventure here are some more enticements to help tip the scales. One blog can’t possibly cover all of Bali’s worthwhile sights and attractions so now we’ll continue where we left off and we’ve added information on waterfalls and walking […]

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Is Bali Worth a Stopover During Your Indonesian Dive Holiday?

Heck YA!! (There Are LOTS of Reasons!!) The Island of the Gods has everything from culture and customs, temples and tradition, pre and post diving, warm and welcoming locals, festivals and festivities, waterfalls and walking tours, luxury and local dining. There are a many luxury resorts and local home-stays to choose from and inexpensive spa experiences all the way up […]

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Frasers Dolphin (Charles Anderson) Komodo

Dolphin Encounters in Komodo Aboard Adelaar

Imagine yourself, relaxing on deck, a nice cup of java in your hand, a platter of warm croissants at your elbow and succulent fresh mango, papaya and pineapple sitting on your plate. Now take a deep breath of that fresh sea air, exhale, and take a look at the crimson sunrise off the port side bow. As if this isn’t […]

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2017 New Year Resolution

9 New Year Resolutions for the Adventurer in You!

Let’s face it. Thousands of us make New Year resolutions but only a slim percentage actually follow through with them. If you were one of the few who could keep one of these resolutions, how cool would that be! I RESOLVE TO…take all my vacation time! “I have never believed that vacations are luxuries. They are our necessities–just like shelter, […]

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Sangeang Island – Diving Between Bali and Komodo | Part III

Located outside Komodo National Park, this volcanic island is a must do on any dive liveaboard traveling from Bali or Bima. Although volcanic, with black sand, Sangeang isn’t normally considered a traditional “muck” area. Fantastic muck diving is available, but Sangeang is so much more! The most diverse of the sites there, and the one at the top of my […]

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Adelaar at Boat shows

Adelaar at dive travel shows!

In January, we will be in Europe for two of the most visited dive travel shows! Adelaar will be attending the Paris International Dive Show (January 6-9, 2017). Stop by and see us, we will be in booth #D09. Our representative will be available to answer questions about diving the world-class dive sites of the Komodo National Park, aboard Komodo […]

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